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Core Asian Bride Traditions

In Central Asia, a marriage is a main function that reflects the town’s wandering record. Although some norms were outlawed during the 60 to 70 years of Soviet/russian theory, relationship continues to be a substantial encounter. This is mainly because of the fact that the households in this region are typically huge, and each has its own unique traditions.

In the past, a handful would spend time beautiful kyrgyz girls with their families before arranging their relationship. The bride was usually held in fall or late summers, when the climate is cooler and inexpensive food is available. The princess’s community had create a great dinner and her female relatives would offer her gifts. In many regions the vicar’s family may spend a bride to the bride’s home, which could include horses, cattle, money, needlework or clothing.

The prospective man and his male cousins would then abduct the woman ( in the old nomadic time, by horse, presently, by auto). He would finally taking her to the home of his relatives or his home. His parents and elder relatives would try to persuade the wedding to put on a white shawl that signified her assent of the marriage, or risk pain and even death. This practise, known as ala kachuu, was outlawed during the Communist era, but it appears to be making a return.

On the day of the bride, the person would be sent with her marriage convoy to the couple’s home. She may become expected to walk it outdoors, and on the way she was supposed to be showered with sweets and pennies. She also had to speak farewell songs before she left her parental home, such as the popular Kyrgyz song Koshtasi Zhari.

Ma passion pour la santé conjuguée à ma formation d’enseignante et d’orthopédagogue ont fait fleurir un vif intérêt pour sensibiliser les gens à l’importance d’avoir de saines habitudes de vie pour eux mais aussi pour leurs enfants. La santé est un bien précieux et nous gagnons à ouvrir notre cœur pour en prendre soin. 418.554.3435

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